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Re: Any theme planned for FC 6


If I understood the discussion correctly (didn't have much time to go through all e-mail...), this might be of some help (even tough the info is somewhat dated): http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/~mcgrof/grub-images/

Sorry, if it does not help...


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Subject: Re: Any theme planned for FC 6

Hi Andy,

Andy Shellam wrote:
Actually, saying that I've just remembered it wasn't the boot screens per se I posted about, but the Grub boot loader screen (background.) I didn't get it sorted, the machine it's on is a dev box which I haven't logged on to for a couple of weeks - but AFAIK I'm still trying to find the answer to getting a custom Grub background working.

I'm going to ask around and see if I can get more information about that.

What I DID accomplish was the rest of the RHGB screens, which are simply PNG images in the /usr/share/rhgb folder, and can be replaced by custom ones. To create a custom "throbber" (the animation of a few circles spinning round), create a PNG image of 288x24 - then in that image you need 12 images of 24x24 placed side-by-side, so when viewed left to right - that's your animation.

Replace the /usr/share/rhgb/throbber-anim.png image with your image, reboot and you're sorted!

In Fedora, the /usr/share/rhgb/large-computer.png isn't used - there are 2 other image - one which is the fedora system logo (the bubbly f), the other is the word "fedora" in the bottom-right corner. Replace these with your own PNGs and bingo, you've got a nice customised system :)

This is really helpful, thanks for writing this up!

Would you mind if I added it to our wiki page [1] about all the different parts of Fedora that can be customized?

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemingOverview


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