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Re: Odd-sized wallpaper

Wart <wart kobold org> writes:

> Cam wrote:
>> Is it possible to have a default available for different aspect ratio
>> screens? In the past I have noticed the default 4:3 scaled into a
>> widescreen display, it looks a bit strange.
> I would second this suggestion, but would like to see it taken even
> further.  Multi-head displays are becoming more common these days, but
> most wallpaper isn't designed to look very good when spread across
> multiple displays.  Mostly this is due to the aspect ratio, but also
> because the wallpapers don't look very interesting when tiled across
> multiple displays.
> I'd like to see at least a minimal set of wallpapers for additional
> resolutions/aspect ratios, like widescreen, 3200x1200, 6400x1200, and
> various combinations of multi-head widescreen displays.
> --Mike

I think making wallpapers for all resolutions is not too hard. But
let's focus on recommending more wallpapers to rock fc6.


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