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Re: wallpaper poll for FC6T2

duffy redhat com wrote:
Got a couple of other concerns here besides licensing:

Quoting Diana Fong <dfong redhat com>:
I'm currently taking suggestions and a poll for the default wallpaper of fc6t2. Got a wallpaper you like and think others would too...please nominate and vote here.

1) Is this just for FC6 test 2 or is this for FC6 - the quality we accept for a
test release does not have to be as high for a final release.

This is for fc6 test 2.

2) If is *is* for FC6 - should we have decided on an overall theme before
choosing a wallpaper so everything is integrated? Eg one idea you mentioned to me was a 'graffiti' style.
It is _not_ for FC6...thought it could be. Yes I did mention a graffiti style...it's an idea I'd like to try out and was going to assign to my summer intern...but alas. My intern is no more. I will explore it later but it will most likely not be a default theme. From what I can tell from the responses I've received, it seems that the majority would want a more subtle look...and the graffiti style is on the bold side. ;) Though you all can correct me if I'm wrong. =)


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