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Re: how to change the RHGB?

Yes I know it is awkward. It would be so much easier if Fedora used the bootsplash package like a lot of other distros such as SuSE, but for now that's all we're able to customise without delving into the code :(


Marco D'Amico wrote:
Andy Shellam ha scritto:
Hi Marco,
The only things you can change easily at the moment are the throbber
animation (the chasing circles), the word "fedora" in the bottom-right
corner, and the main fedora "f" logo in the middle.  These are all PNG
images in /usr/share/rhgb.

Hi Andy,
thanks for your answer. I have already changed the "main-logo.png" file,
but I would like to change the background.
The solutions that you have sent me It's very difficult to do for me.

I will attend the next evolutions.

Thank you.


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