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Re: how to change the RHGB?

Marco & Andy,

Andy Shellam wrote:
Yes I know it is awkward. It would be so much easier if Fedora used the bootsplash package like a lot of other distros such as SuSE, but for now that's all we're able to customise without delving into the code :(

Hey, if you'd like to change the colors there, feel free to put some mockups up on the wiki (or mail to the list) including the color codes and I'm sure someone will be able to work out a tutorial on how to implement it. Don't feel as if you can't submit a cool design just because you're not sure how to implement it - mockups are perfectly sufficient.

I think it'd be cool to start a Fedora art customization community on deviant art so that we can all share our mockups and network with people who can implement them and submit them to sites like art.gnome.org and have them available on the Fedoraproject wiki.

btw I'd love to see any screenshots of your custom rhgb screens btw :) Wondering how you've got it looking! ;-)


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