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Re: New GDM Theme (was Re: Any theme planned for FC 6)

Il giorno 22/lug/06, alle ore 08:06, Máirín Duffy ha scritto:

Nicola Losito wrote:
 i was thinking about the possibility to remove the gnome foot in it and fill in the Fedora bubble logo and colour scheme.

So I started making a Fedora version of the 'Buh' GDM theme. The only problem is I don't have an svg or the font for the Fedora logotype so it's a really ghetto bitmap trace svg right now.


Well, i must say that i like this one instead of the second alternative you've posted later. Maybe the overall result is a bit "flat" ... I mean, maybe some logos floating up there could be rendered to their "full" tone, or maybe we can find a better contrast around the password field.

Also, do you think an orizzontal line cotaining 4/6 faces under the fedora name is horrible ?

For the Fedora font itself, it's not a "gpl" or a properly free font, and this was discussed not so long ago in some Fedora mailing list, later this morning i'll digg into my mail archive.

For now thanks Mairin !

Nicola  .:kOoLiNuS:.  Losito

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