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Re: New GDM Theme (was Re: Any theme planned for FC 6)

Hi David,

David Nielsen wrote:

I like the fact that the second one has the required interaction menus
for disconnection and such

Actually they are in it if you download it and install it. I don't have Xnest setup on this machine so I just took a screenshot using the gdm theme tester. The menu was positioned too low on the screen in the first theme to appear in the screenshot (cut off by the panel).

, however it lacks our snazzy new logo and
feels a bit flat. A combination of the two might be nice, drop the
bubbles and keep the subtle traced logo.

OK I'll keep that in mind. :) Also anybody can feel free to play around with what I did so far - that's why I made it available. :)

I'm assuming that the "fedora" is the system name, after all this is MY
system, not Fedoras system - it just happens to run Fedora.

No, the Fedora in the theme is the Fedora logotype. It's not a free font and we can't distribute it so it wouldn't really be possible to have peoples' system names in that font.

Both however are improvements over the one we have now. Good work

Cool, thanks for the feedback. :)


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