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Re: [Fwd: [Tango-artists] Re: Tango icons licensing]

Máirín Duffy wrote:
FYI, thought this was interesting.

May I ask which license is recommended by FSF for artwork? Or which licenses for artwork are compatible with the GPL?

We have heard from a long time from CreativeCommons supporters that GPL is not a good license for artwork, being by design a license for code not for art (and this sound reasonable, we can't really talk about the source code of a PNG or OGG).

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Subject: [Tango-artists] Re: Tango icons licensing

I can now give an answer to my own question (quoted below), just in
case it could be of interest here. I sent an e-mail to the FSF as well
as this mailing list, and have now received an answer confirming that
artwork is no different from libraries in relation to the GPL. Thus,
it is not possible for a GPL application to be distributed with
artwork licensed (only) under this Creative Commons license. That
settles the matter for my part - I have to look for icons elsewhere.

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