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Re: Yet Another Graffiti Wallpaper

Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
There's still a popular perception that graffiti is associated with pop culture and is unprofessional.

I've always seen RHEL as being 'professional' or 'enterprise-y' while Fedora as more 'bleeding edge' and 'fun.'

It could be risky to use graffiti as part of the default theme in Fedora.

What is the risk?

Don't we already have enough sterile, 'enterprise-ready' artwork out there? Perhaps Linux can grow from a painfully narrow demographic to a much wider one with a bit more variety in the artwork? Maybe we could try to push the edge by having a different theme/style each release?

Just some food for thought. I'm not pushing for these to be default, but at the same time, I *am* pretty sick of the same-old, same-old 'sterile' graphic styles.

For our last release, we had a bubble theme, which you could say is not 'professional,' but was most definitely 'fun' and generated a lot of excitement around the release. I kind of thought the point of Fedora was to build a community operating system, not to cater to professional types. There are plenty of other distros for that.


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