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Re: Yet Another Graffiti Wallpaper

fre, 28 07 2006 kl. 22:38 -0400, skrev Máirín Duffy:
> David Nielsen wrote:
> > With all possible respect, I still hate this hip-hop thing, I hope the
> > idea isn't to make this default in FC in anyways - in which case I'd
> > propose seeking an endorsement from Snoop Dogg.
> What does graffiti have to do with hip hop?
> I've seen plenty of Metallica, Joe <3's Sue, and even satanist 
> graffiti.... Graffiti is a style of art that is separate from hip-hop or 
> rap music, as far as I know and have observed.

All fine examples of what we want people to think of when they use
Fedora.. I especially like the satanist suggestion, I have a feeling
that might make us popular with the LiveJournal and MySpace crowd.

Why not go all out and just get permission to distribute an image of
Alice Cooper biting the head off a defenseless kitten or something with
ominous bible quotes.

Artwork should be culturally neutral, remember what happened when Ubuntu
did the semi-naked people image? 

- David Nielsen

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