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Re: Yet Another Graffiti Wallpaper

lør, 29 07 2006 kl. 01:31 -0400, skrev Máirín Duffy:

> For our last release, we had a bubble theme, which you could say is not 
> 'professional,' but was most definitely 'fun' and generated a lot of 
> excitement around the release. I kind of thought the point of Fedora was 
> to build a community operating system, not to cater to professional 
> types. There are plenty of other distros for that.

I was a big fan of the FC5 background I thought it had a nice vibrant
feel to it, however if you intend to take the direction of the artwork
for Fedora to what I would see in the bathroom stalls at my local pub
then I feel it's my place to beg you not to.

Another thing is that people definitely do not respond well to their
wallpaper basically being advertisement for the distro they run. If you
want to appeal to the community many going back to our roots would be a
nice gesture. Penguins and the likes, every other distro abandoned that
years ago and I think some people might miss that fun aspect of Linux.

- David

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