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Re: Yet Another Graffiti Wallpaper

Le samedi 29 juillet 2006 à 01:31 -0400, Máirín Duffy a écrit :
> Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
> > There's still a popular perception that graffiti is associated with pop 
> > culture and is unprofessional.  
> I've always seen RHEL as being 'professional' or 'enterprise-y' while 
> Fedora as more 'bleeding edge' and 'fun.'
> > It could be risky to use graffiti as part of 
> > the default theme in Fedora.  
> What is the risk?
> Don't we already have enough sterile, 'enterprise-ready' artwork out 
> there? Perhaps Linux can grow from a painfully narrow demographic to a 
> much wider one with a bit more variety in the artwork? Maybe we could 
> try to push the edge by having a different theme/style each release?
> Just some food for thought. I'm not pushing for these to be default, but 
> at the same time, I *am* pretty sick of the same-old, same-old 'sterile' 
> graphic styles.

Do you know that I love you when you say this kind of thing ? :)

> For our last release, we had a bubble theme, which you could say is not 
> 'professional,' but was most definitely 'fun' and generated a lot of 
> excitement around the release. I kind of thought the point of Fedora was 
> to build a community operating system, not to cater to professional 
> types. There are plenty of other distros for that.
> Thanks,
> ~m
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