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Re: Yet Another Graffiti Wallpaper

Rahul wrote:

Agreed with that though I dont particularly like the last iteration of the style which appears to be too dark to me. We should push one of the backgrounds and gdm theme out into a test release and look at the feedback. If you move quickly, we might even have it in the test2 release. There is always a risk in trying out anything that is noticeable (more precisely completely boring) at all.

I am not sure feedback from a very large audience is very useful in such a case, honestly, a large majority of geeks will consider a wallpaper 'good' only if it contains pictures of half-naked anime girls (and I'm only half-joking now). Seriously, the large majority of users does not know how a good wallpaper should look like (saturation, contrast, size of details, etc. - and I think the last couple of iterations are very good from this perspective).

Also, I am not sure about rushing it for test2, from a marketing point of view it may be attractive to include it as late as possible, test3 or even later, when previews of FC6 and reviews of FC6test3 start appearing all over the web and have it as a 'new enhancement' in the minds of the reviewers.

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