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Re: Puplet Icons

Máirín Duffy wrote:

I started work on icon #1 working from the style / color palette Diana has set with her new icon theme:


I am not very fond of the animations in the icon, in fact i used to hate the red notification in up2date, it was too obtrusive.

As you say in the wiki, going without CDROM will permit sub-icons. I agree about dropping the CDROM, it has no place here, the update is made over the network, not from optical media. As for sub-icons, why not going with the most obvious choices: red exclamation mark for security updates, yellow or orange exclamation mark for other updates, arrow for download in progress, green checkmark for success and red X for error?

If anybody has any thoughts about what could be used to represent the different icons needed or any ideas on improvements to what I've put up or even if you just want to play around with the SVG feel free!

What do you guys think about the perspective of panel icons? Flat or isometric to match the rest?

I find this question hard to answer. To me the flat icon look plain and boring and the isometric one not very readable at this small size (24x24) - but do not understand me wrong, i like very much how the icons look at the large size (with the 'isometric perspective' as a favorite).

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