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Re: Fedora Core Theme

Hi Charavel,

Charavel Olivier wrote:

Since the new version of the Ubuntu distribution is out, they created an
engine with a new look. I thought it would be cool to try something with
it. I changed the colours into blue to fit Fedora colorshemes, also
created a metacity theme and here it is.

You'll need to install the engine which is available in this
package... :

Tell me what you think. Oh, I do think the metacity buttons lack of
lights / darks (on prelight and pressed buttons) and I'll of course
changed that later :).

This is a nice metacity theme. Can you package it up, and put up a screenshot, and put it in the Fedora wiki? (I suggest not having Tango icons in the screenshot since it'll confuse people, but it's your choice. Try to crop the screenshot so people 'get' that it's a metacity theme rather than an icon theme bc it has caused some confusion in IRC.)

You can add it to this page: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemeSubmissions


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