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Re: Puplet Icons

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Chung wrote:
Sorry, if you discuss this issue already in the past.
Is there a reason why we can't use existing RHN notification icons?
Are these icons also trademarks of Red Hat and can't be integrated in
Fedora Core?

Actually, the rhn-applet icons are GPL and we are free to use them so there isn't any problem there.

There are a few reasons to not use them though:

1) The rhn-applet icons take up a bit too much of the 24 x 24 grid they get on the panel. Many panel icons have a bit more of a margin to them.

2) The rhn-applet icons are Bluecurve; since we're trying to move to Diana's new style, we're looking to have icons that match that style better. This is a good opportunity to get an app that uses the new style to see how people like it!

3) As discussed a bit on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/YumApplet, these icons are going to be notification icons rather than an applet, so there won't always be an icon there taking up space on the panel. The package will only appear if updates are available, for example - it won't always be displayed. If your system is updated, you won't see it. The 'everything is OK' checkmark doesn't make as much sense in this context because you'd never see the everything is OK icon then. :)

4) We actually somewhat recently made some changes to the way the icons look within the RHN web ui, so the rhn-applet icons don't even match the icons in the RHN web ui exactly anymore anyway (they're not all circular anymore, they use different shapes)

5) It's fun to make new icons! :)


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