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Puplet icon != Bluecurve

With yesterday's rawhide updates, the yum update daemon got installed.
Consequently, a notification icon appears in the panel when updates are
available. One notices immediately that the brown box icon does not fit at
all the default Fedora "Bluecurve" icon theme. Moreover, it's barely
recognizable as the object that it is meant to represent. It's rather dark
and too small. I had seen the icon drafts earlier and at a bigger size.
Otherwise I probably wouldn't have guessed ..

The correct icon look is already (!!) implemented in menu point:

   "Applications" > "Add/Remove Software"

The icon also shows an open box which, however, fits the "Bluecurve" theme
prefectly, and which - thanks to "Bluecurve"'s "cartoonish" (and lately
criticized) appearance - is well recognizable even at the small icon sizes
available in the panel.
I suggest to derive the updater notification icon from the latter, as
"Bluecurve" is the default theme. In case that a new Fedora icon theme is
planned, the current notification icon can be added to that. However, as
said it's simply incompatible with "Bluecurve".

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