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Re: The Icon Question

Diana Fong wrote:
Let's discuss. =) Mockups and sketches are welcome and most helpful. Subjective "I hate the whole theme" comments are less so. Try to be a bit specific...I'm not saying, pixel for pixel, but...why? is it the colours, the perspective, or you just think that bluecurve is the best and should not be changed.

The shadows and overall shading feel too heavy. Perhaps the set might feel a bit lighter with softer/lighter shadows.

I don't want to sound like a broken record on this, so feel free to read it and move on, but I wonder if it makes sense to create an entire new icon style. With people running applications from so many sources (it's not uncommon to see OpenOffice next to Firefox next to Evolution next to Konqueror), will we ever be able to keep up with the needs for icons in all of these apps if every distro has it's own icon style?

I can understand the need for visual differentiation, and make a style worth converging on hasn't been created yet, but creating something Fedora-specific when so much great work has been going up-stream doesn't feel like the best path.

I've heard it said that if you want a patch applied to the Fedora kernel, get it applied upstream, and it will then be included in Fedora. Why not take this approach with visual design as well? Sure, each distro can and will retain their own visual style - but does it have to extend to icon perspective?

So, yeah - maybe try lighter shadows :-)

Steven Garrity

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