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Re: Puplet icon != Bluecurve

nicola -kOoLiNuS- losito wrote:

Now i think that "we" have to decide if we want to draw a fedora-icon or
a general pourpose one, and then in the first case maybe we can play
with the fedora bubble ?

I do not think using the bubble in the puplet status icon is a god idea, i think is a slippery slope: use the bubble for update status, for network status, for whatever other functionality and suddenly the desktop is all bubbles, hard to distinct the purpose of each of them. More, at this small screen size, is very hard (impossible?) to use something else than simple and clear shapes and still have something recognizable - take as and example the SUSE icon mentioned in your blog (http://koolinus.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/puplet), for me as an non-SUSE user, it is completely unrecognizable, i can't tell its purpose from the way it looks.

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