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Re: Puplet icon != Bluecurve

Il giorno ven, 16/06/2006 alle 09.00 +0300, Nicu Buculei ha scritto:

> I do not think using the bubble in the puplet status icon is a god idea, 
> i think is a slippery slope: use the bubble for update status, for 
> network status, for whatever other functionality and suddenly the 
> desktop is all bubbles, hard to distinct the purpose of each of them.
> More, at this small screen size, is very hard (impossible?) to use 

I agree, but i've introduced myself in the discussion on the (Fedora)
yum/pup update icon. So thinking to a distinctive Fedora "sign" was only
a proposal for one and only one icon.
{ maybe not the "bubble" but only the "f" character with arrows? }

> something else than simple and clear shapes and still have something 
> recognizable - take as and example the SUSE icon mentioned in your blog 
> (http://koolinus.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/puplet), for me as an non-SUSE 
> user, it is completely unrecognizable, i can't  tell its purpose from 
> the way it looks.

Agree, but also the old up2date icon was "unclear" if one didn't verify
its meaning.

Just before reading your e-mail I was also looking at OS-Dir SUSE 10.1
screenshot and saw that they seems to have adopted the Tango
software-update icon:


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