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Re: The Icon Question

I have the screenshots checked and the statement is simply not true. Apart
from the KDE screenshots with glossy and shreaking icons, most others use a
mixture of "Bluecurve" and "GNOME" icons. What is mor important is that
there is *no* other preferred theme.

What "Bluecurve" has suffered most from is that in its almost 4 years of
existence, a sufficient coverage has never been achieved. This disavantage
would have held for any other theme.

And why do you call the colors faded out? Look e.g. at the "Administration /
Security Level and Firewall" icon. Isn't that colorful? I for my case do not
at all think that "Bluecurve" made my desktop sad. Stock "GNOME" actually
did with its overall olive green color scheme.
Finally, it's no a matter of "killing" or "getting rid of" the current
"Bluecurve" theme. Choice equals freedom - right? - J

> From my point of view of Ambassador, I can tell that most of French
> people I know on our community forum get rig fo the Bluecurve icon set.
> Knowing if Bluecurve is used or not by the commuity can be very easy :
> we have a thread on our forum where people publish a screenshot of
> their desktop.
> (
http://www.fedora-france.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=5532&forum=15> ) It remains very rare that the Bluecurve icon set is used. And i
> understand them.
> I personaly found that bluecurve makes the desktop sad, its colours
> seem to be faded / washed out. But, more objectively, I agree with
> Diana about its inconsistences, and found her new one
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/BluecurveAndBeyond much more
> modern and pleasant to look. This is definitely a icon theme I will
> think a lot before getting rid of it, because if Diana reaches her aim
> of consisteny, it will be one of the most consistent gnome icon set
> ever made, with the new ubuntu icon theme as well.
> Bluecurve has done its way, but can't we have a bright and a high
> quality icon theme?
> Moreover, I feel that remaining with bluecurve is a problem in the
> development of new icons, as the art team will have to stick to the
> old-style theme.
> Finally, why do we have an Art team if they can't redecorate the whole
> house?
> Regards,
> --
> Thomas Canniot
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/ThomasCanniot

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