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Re: The Icon Question

Le vendredi 16 juin 2006 à 12:47 +0200, Joachim Frieben a écrit :
> I have the screenshots checked and the statement is simply not true. Apart
> from the KDE screenshots with glossy and shreaking icons, most others use a
> mixture of "Bluecurve" and "GNOME" icons. What is mor important is that
> there is *no* other preferred theme.
> What "Bluecurve" has suffered most from is that in its almost 4 years of
> existence, a sufficient coverage has never been achieved. This disavantage
> would have held for any other theme.
> And why do you call the colors faded out? Look e.g. at the "Administration /
> Security Level and Firewall" icon. Isn't that colorful? I for my case do not
> at all think that "Bluecurve" made my desktop sad. Stock "GNOME" actually
> did with its overall olive green color scheme.
> Finally, it's no a matter of "killing" or "getting rid of" the current
> "Bluecurve" theme. Choice equals freedom - right? - J
Seems that I have not checked every pages of it. Sorry for the
misleading :s

However I would like to show you what I call faded out icons / sad :


I found these one lack colors. They are mainly grey and sometimes with
pale blue and grey. They do not shine as much as they could. 

Moreover, I would like to compare Diana Applications menu and a
Bluecurve menu.


First, I'm sorry if I don't have the exactly same menu as Diana.

About the Bluecurve icon, the 'blucurve accessories icon' is hardly
identifiable. I prefer Diana pair of cissors and ruler. I found it more
explicit, as cissors and ruler are concrete accessories someone use to
achieve something.

About the Office icon, the Bluecurve Bureatique icon lacks clarity as
well. We can recognize a pie chart. The Diana Office icon is more
explicit from my point of view : a pot with pens. However it seems to be
smaller than the other icons.

The Bluecurve Graphisme icon of Bluecurve is color and explicit. Great:
Maybe one I like :) Diana as weel is explicit, colorful as well but
seems to be smaller.

The Blucurve Internet icon is sad and not explicit at all. It lacks
colors, and we don't know what is reprensents. Diana's is of a nice bue
with reflexion effect. It represents the earth (the World Wide Web) and
a mouse cursor, symbol of computing. 

The Blucurve Outils Système has colors and is explicit but not for this
task I think. It should switch with the "Programmation" (coding) icon.  
Diana's Systemn Tools icon lack color and is not very explicit. This
icon is the one I prefer the least.

The blucurve "son et vidéo" icon is colorful, thanks to the yallow, but
hardly explicit as video film and the loud speaker are not element one
is used to see so close, it does not bring to mind as fast as it could
what it represents. Diana's Sound & Video icon is great. Its black and
white emphasises the colors of the other icons in the menu. It is very
representative of the video part this menu is covering.

The Add/Remove Software icon are quite the same. They both represent a
box and a CD. However, I still prefer Diana icon, as its brown is more
liveful than the pale blue and brown of the Bluecurve one.

About the Games icon, (there is no Bluecurve games icon in this
screenshot), Diana and Bluecurve are as much explicit. The bluecurve has
2 play cards and a pawn. This is two much and make the icon not clear
enough. Diana's has 2 playcards, and no pawn, and I think this makes the
icon more shiny and explicit.

Finally, I want to say that I can't stand (I know it's very subjective)
the black border of the Bluecurve icon. This makes them apart of the
menu, whereas without this border, I feel the text and the icon are one
and only one piece of artwork.

Thomas Canniot

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