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Re: The Icon Question

I continue my personal analysis with the Places menu. It is called
Raccourcis menu in French. The Bluecurve menu is still on your left and
Diana's on your right.


The Bluecurve Home Folder Icon and Diana's represent the same thing. A
folder and a home. However, where Bluecurve fails its prupose of
integration is that the color used for the house (dark red) seems to be
out of the color palet of bluecurve. Not Diana's

The Bluecurve Desktop icon is not explicit enough. There are 3 objects
composing this icon, and I can't tell you what they are. I can't
identity each of them. Diana's drew a desk blotter. Quite explicit.

The Computer icon are represent the same. The Bluecurve icon has a
screen with a tower. Diana's is a screen alone. Not having a 'tower'
near it should not be a problem as : what we are always looking at on
our computers is the screen. Nobody looks at his tower when surfing the
web, and some computer have little tower or it can be integrated in the
screen somtimes (Apple)

The CD/DVD Creator icon. Showing the same thing. 

About Network Icons, the idea seems to take th Computer icon and
duplicate it 3 times. I personaly think that Diana's better, thanks to
the default screen she added in the icon. It helps identifying that
there are 3 screens on the icon. That is where Bluecurve fails, as the
top screen does not look like a screen but as ... i don't know really.
The dark border does not help to identify it better. Of course, we all
know it is a computer, but is doesn't look like it.

The Connect to server icon seems to be a difficult icon to draw, as an
action and an object has ti be drawn. Bluecurve icon looks like a tower
and mouse (at first sight, but seems to be a plug). Diana chose to only
represent the tower. I don't know whici is best. The simpliest?

The Bluecurve Search icon colors are clearly out of the Bluecurve palet
and are not isometric. Diana's is much more integrated.

The Recent Documents icon is not visible on Diana's screenshot.

Again, I don't like the effect produce by the black border line around
the icons.


Thomas Canniot

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