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Re: Fedora logo modification license?

Richard Körber wrote:
This list is about creating icons, desktop backgrounds, and themes *for
Fedora.* That may involve use of the Fedora logo, but we don't modify
the Fedora logo. In general, modifying logos and repurposing them for
other brands is frowned upon as it weakens the original brand of the logo.

I understand the concerns about weakening the brand. This is why I am actually
asking. Anyhow I am not trying to put up another brand. The site is about
Fedora Core, and it is also non-commercial.

Well... my gut reaction is that's still pretty shaky territory. It would probably be best to hold off on using anything but a 'vanilla' Fedora logo until a Fedora brand book comes out. Probably the most authoritative answer will come when you hear back from the logo fedoraproject org people. :)

Do you have any alternate design ideas in mind? E.g., maybe have the fedora 'F' logo, and then have stylized b's next to it, but not inside the Fedora speech bubble?

I would also give the SVG file back to the Fedora community, of course.

Always appreciated. :)


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