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Re: A quick idea

seawolf wrote:
Good points, another format could be used.
A HTML version is my preferred one out of those, the transitions etc.
would not really be essential whereas the interactivity is (IMHO).
Much the same in Knoppix etc.

SVG can be used *exactly* in the same manner as HTML, with the advantage of a much easier to create layout, see the following example with Firefox 1.5+ or Seamonkey 1.0+:

With some Javascript added manually, it can behave very much like Flash (rollovers for example) .

So, is the general consensus a good one?
As I said before, I thought it would be a nice touch.

On 22/05/06, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
seawolf wrote:
> Damn.
> Thought cos of Gnash, it'd be ok to use.
> Cheers anyways.

Unfortunately, there is no tool to create or play animated SVG (Inkscape
has this on the roadmap, but not in the near future), otherwise SVG
would be ideal for the task.

Another alternative could be to create the introduction in something
like OOo Impress, export as PDF and play it in the default PDF viewer
(this way you can have animated transitions between frames).

And why not use just HTML/CSS/nice graphics/a bit of JavaScript? Or
maybe for smoother graphics, static SVG with working hyperlinks, viewed
in the default browser.

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