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Re: Some New Bluecurve Icons

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hi Andreas,

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
Here it is, provided in scalable, 24x24, 22x22 and 16x16.

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Yeh, but it is tango-ified (gray outline, thango-style shadow), so i don't think your updated version fit on a Bluecurve library.

I've gotta agree with Nicu - the angles are too sharp, and the outline & shadows make it not seem bluecurve-y - you may want to submit as a tango icon though! :) Thanks, though!
Yeah, well, the reason I fixed it in those sizes was because I needed those for the application-certificate mimetype in GNOME. Redrawing it in every distros default icon-theme-style didn't cut it, so that's why it's in tango-style. It would be rather easy for anyone interested to fix it up to be in bluecurve-style though, as the svg's for all three sizes are provided.
- Andreas

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