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Re: Cataloguing & Converting Bluecurve Icons

On Tuesday 23 May 2006 01:10, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
> Máirín Duffy wrote:
> > I think there is a real need to catalog these, in an Inkscape-compatible
> > SVG format, and make it easy for anybody to
> >
> > (1) grab the artwork they need
> > (2) contribute changes / tweaks / improvements
> > (3) contribute new icons
> I don't have access to Illustrator, so if someone else can convert the
> .ai files to SVG i can help cleaning the results, breaking the icons in
> individual files etc.

Open formats are going to be required for any Fedora project.  The sooner we 
have everything in open formats, the better.  I personally use only open 
tools anyway, but those who do not need to run exports before publishing 
items for the project's use.

> > As I create new icons, I'll be putting them in the wiki, but... I don't
> > think that is especially scaleable, considering the number of icons we
> > have. Does anybody have any ideas as far as how we can catalog these
> > images nicely? Are there any FOSS photo gallery apps that maybe have
> > revision control built-in?
> Not only that, it should also support our specific file types.
> A gallery would be awesome, for a large number of icons search
> functionality will become important. Also we may want some kind of
> feedback (comments).
> Unfortunately, the choice is very restricted: people in charge of the
> website infrastructure have a policy - no php is allowed, python is the
> preferred language, so the large majority of gallery software is out of
> reach.
> > My first thought is to simply set up a svn or cvs repo with a nice web
> > frontend for people to browse & grab the icons... but I'm afraid setting
> > up svn/cvs and learning all that crap will be a big barrier to entry for
> > new artists. Maybe there is a web frontend for a revision control system
> > that lets you upload new revisions from your browser?
> At the Open Clip Art Library we have the plan of using CreativeCommon's
> ccHost (http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CcHost), but we have to add SVG
> support before it can be used for the job. I think such a tool would be
> useful for Fedora Art, if not for icons at least for wallpapers.

At one point, we had a volunteer stating that he would create a gallery tool 
for Fedora Project use.  I'll bug him to see if he has done anything, but I 
suspect he hasn't.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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