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Re: Cataloguing & Converting Bluecurve Icons

Andy Fitzsimon wrote:
Hey guys ,  just some quick heads up before attempting this..

the xml produced by illustrator is flaky ( we all know this )
But.  the big things to watch out for with blurcurve in particular is
the overuse of clippaths where it would otherwise be sane to use
normal shapes,  another would be extraneous gradient definitions where
the one stop-descriptive gradient is presented many many times in the

Separation of all these assets into self-contained files is a few
hours someone else is doing to have to spend. Once that's complete:
Cleaning the XML and reproduction are services i'd certainly like to
offer ( so long as I can be assured those changes get comitted ).  It
looks like i'll be using these assets more often.

Also,  can someone confirm the license for the bluecurve palette ?
LGPL or PublicDomain or both acceptable for us to move bluecurve into
CREATE / Inkscape by default.

I don't think someone can copyright a collection of hex values, a palette is nothing more than that.
I assembled a palette file, use it under any license you need:

I had not submitted it myself to Inkscape as i was not thinking is interesting enough for the project and not realized Create is another place where it can be useful - i guess i am a bad Create member :D

Cool Fedora wallpapers: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/wallpapers/
Open Clip Art Library: http://www.openclipart.org
my Fedora stuff: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro

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