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Re: [FC7 theme proposal] Fedora Borealis Round 1

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for taking the time to give such detailed feedback! :)

Thomas Canniot wrote:
* About the wallpaper The impressions it conveys to me is that everything is going higher. All
the elements that compose our logo are going higher. As they all
represent freedom and community, it makes free software in general going
higher and as a consequence the use we can make of a computer is
improving thanks to foss. Going higher is a positive direction (even if i don't believe in any
god) it seems god may be above us. Freedom could be linked as well as
something pure then.
I'm a bit sad with this "fedora" that seems stuck on earth. Maybe it
could try to reach some sky as well.

Ahhh!! Very good point. I did another iteration with the Fedora floating as well...

(Try 2 on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fc7ThemeProposalFedoraBorealis)

It's definitely changed the look a bit - I added drop shadows. I'm not sure why. This still needs to be played with this more, it was just a quick modification.

Another idea - maybe take the Fedora logo out entirely and go much simpler than the original proposal. Or just keep the logo flat, and make it much smaller, and tuck in the lower right corner or some such.

* About Metacity Theme and GTK+ Theme
I feel very strange about flatness. It seems that windows are only one
piece of everything, whereas there are different elements that compose a
nautilus windows (title bar, menu bar etc.)
About the top right hand corner buttons,  the fact they do not convey
the actions they are aimed at will be very annoying for people who are
not used to a computer.

I agree with this too. The metacity theme was a poor choice. I'll keep looking and if anyone else has suggestions by all means propose them! :)

* Bootsplash Concept
It seems to be the ufo of this theme. Even if it is pure, as there are
nothing but Fedora on it, it is the same Fedora stuck to earth that all
his friends that were going higher in the wallpaper abandoned there.
Pureness must then not rhyme with emptiness. I feel that pureness is
well conveyed with no "bug" on a painting, no shortcomings (perfect
light - no shadow - bright and sharp colours for example)

Great points. Makes me look at it now, and think, "Hi, my name is Fedora. Is anybody out there? out there there there there. Oh an echo! I'm all aloooonnnneee!" ;)

Cheers, hope this helps.

It does! Thanks!

btw if anyone would like to grab the SVGs and play around with these based on the feedback thus far, BY ALL MEANS!



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