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Re: New Fedora GTK Theme

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
I don't think that this is a matter of the 'art team making a decision" though. This is a matter of there being absolutely no process. There isn't any defined process to get artwork & themes into the distribution right now. This is a very old problem so let's just trailblaze through it.

Its not quite a problem really.

(Well, actually it is but I won't elaborate any more. 0:) )

A fedora-list discussion suggest that there are people interested in doing this. Since we have a general policy on staying close to upstream, it would be nice if upstream people are involved in the packaging efforts too. It helps in user <-> developer interactions. If you are not interested in packaging this, you can set bugzilla preferences to be automatically CC'ed on all bugs for that particular component. This is what upstream Gaim developers do for example.

What do you think about this idea, Cimi? I know you can't package Murrine but Would you be willing to be CC'ed on Fedora Murrine bugs?

Does anyone oppose moving to the Murrine engine?

Well, one question. How can we intelligently comment on a engine without looking at the code? If the themes are completely customizable which apparently is the case here, how do we understand the value of a particular engine over another by merely looking at screenshots?

By using it and getting a sense for its look & feel (definitely different than Clearlooks), snappiness/speed, and customizability/available themes is what I was thinking. The code isn't everything, right? ...A means to an end for our purposes here. If nobody opposes it on those fronts then it would be well worth a code review; I can probablay talk to Ray about that if nobody here opposes the theme on the other points.

Thanks for the helpful info, as always, Rahul!


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