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Re: Re: [FC7 theme proposal] Flying High with Fedora 7 - Round 1 (John Baer)

- Overlayed the sky with new layer filled with the fedora blue, soft
light @ 50% opacity.
- The logo looks shabby because its only been filled in, not replaced.
- 7 in the baloon replaced with a flame. Maybe tune it down but it'll
do for a POC.

If I were working with source it'd look something approaching normal!
You get the idea with the colour differences, though. I just think it
looks a little grey and not-quite-so-vibrant as, e.g. the Echo icons

The original image was rejected because of file size. Reduced to 90dpi.

On 13/11/06, seawolf <iamseawolf gmail com> wrote:
I'll knock one up tonight and post it

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