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Re: Thinking ahead to round 2

Hi John!

John Baer wrote:

As December 4th approaches I have some thoughts on round 2 of the Fedora
Core 7 Theme process.

* I am assuming the result of round 1 will be a decision on the theme and I
am expecting most
or all of the artwork will need to be created.

Well, actually my thinking was that Round 1 would just get the ideas out there without worrying about the rendering. Round 2 would be more focused on rendering - taking the concepts from round 1 and creating/polishing the images.

Round 3 might be a decision point.

With this in mind I suggest every art design that needs to be created have
it's own wiki page to hold the submissions of round 2.

Good idea; I'll start a new page for round 2.

For example, an art design category could be wallpaper.

Another could be the grub boot splash.

Probably hold off on that level of granularity until round 3 I think.

I would place the current image on the page as a reference and to remind
submitters of the status quo. I would also place any design comments that
may be appropriate such as the size or color restrictions.

I would also include a wiki page for the CD/DVD and cover.

Some other things to consider - the default firefox home page graphics (banner), default apache page when you set up apache on fedora, maybe some little buttons/banners folks could use on their websites, banner for the front page of fedoraproject.org.... hehe i could go on. Maybe have one split - artwork for OS and supporting artwork for marketing/etc materials.

With this infrastructure in place art members may submit candidates for
round 2. This would also let everyone know where we need to focus our
efforts. As an example if the grub splash wiki is lacking candidates then a
plea can be made to the group for help. If new members arrive this should
make it easy for them to join the effort.

In addition, I would note the images from the proof of concept may or may
not be apart of round 2.

I envision the result of all of this to be a set of images for each image
category. The final images would come from this group with any last minute

If this approach is reasonable and agreeable I would ask Diana (?) to
prepare the wiki pages with the current images and any other submission
detail we may need.

I can do this. Thanks.

Last thought, if there are any changes coming as a result of the Fedora
summit perhaps a master/title wiki page would be appropriate stating the
changes. {I heard a rumor the word "core" was being dropped?) Comments
relative to the theme could be placed here as well.

It is - great point!


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