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Re: Official Fedora Core 6 media labels

Nicu Buculei kaže:

> Igor Jagec wrote:
>> Nicu Buculei kaže:
>>> This (attached) would be my first take.
>> Very nice and elegant. I like your work very much, in generally. BTW do
> This label was only a *minor* modification of the cover by Máirín Duffy

Ok, I like Máirín's work too :)

>> you have any plans to make your wallpapers on higher resolution than
>> 800x600? Thanks.
> Are you asking about the wallpapers on my personal website?

Yep. I set 3d_bubble_02.png on my desktop. It's very elegant.

> (the link in 
> my signature) Those are vector in format (SVG) so the resolution does 
> not matter.
> If you want a raster image at a certain resolution, open the file in 
> Inkscape and export to PNG without any lack of quality (but Fedora is 
> able to use SVG images as wallpapers).

I didn't know that, thanks :) I'll install Inkscape and set up the
correct resolution. Cheers!

Igor Jagec

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