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re: Official Fedora Core 6 media labels

Hi Rahul & everybody,

I just uploaded the labels I put together for Max & Jack here:


They needed something to send to the printer last week - I wasn't really happy with my original submission, and some of the other artwork didn't have formats I could work with to get into the proper format for the printer (some of them also used a bolder version of the Fedora logo which we can't use.) I had to make a lot of quick decisions and formatting work so this is how things ended up:

The sleeve now corresponds with the 3D art Mola did for the release and the DVD label has the original DNA strand artwork. I'm attaching larger PNGs of the artwork so you can take a look.

Everyone, I'm very sorry for all the last-minute changes - I've asked Max & Jack to contact the list rather than individual artists in the future so we'll all be better able to stay in the loop. I'm also trying to figure out at what point in the release schedule should we work to have the artwork finalized & formatted by for FC 7.

In general, as a team I think we're making great progress - we've gotten community artwork into the distro for the first time which I think is a big step. To get better though, we need better organization. For the DVD/CD artwork, for example, I think we should have a single person as 'owner' to organize the work so there's less chaos/confusion and so it's done on time and in the right format. I think for all artwork maybe we could try to hold critiques/review sessions to hash out the issues before it's too late to use the artwork.

How long do we have until FC 7? ;-) Let's up it a notch for then!


PNG image

PNG image

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