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Re: Thinking ahead: some FC7 ideas

> Thanks for starting this discussion! :)

> * New wallpaper, login screen derived from Mola/Mizmo ideas that needs 
> to match Echo theme
> I don't think the theming work has to be made to match Echo. I think as 
> long as it incorporates the Fedora blue colors they'll go well together 
> just fine.
> I'm also not sure what ideas you're referring to :) We should probably 
> resurrect the theming brainstorming page [1], update it for FC7 and add 
> some of the things that have been proposed since then (I remember some 
> cool things discussed on the list wrt FC7 a month or so ago.)

Let's do it them.

>   * The login screen needs to get a user list which was missing since 
> Fedora Core 1. There is a Gnome version of list login screen that can be 
> used as a sample.
> It is fine to create a GDM theme that includes the user list, but the 
> user list version cannot be made the default GDM theme. The primary 
> concern is security - a list of usernames on the login screen makes it 
> easier to guess passwords.
I understand. It would be nice to replace the old user list by a new
version for people who are still looking to use it.

> * Legacy artwork from Fedora Core 4 to Fedora Core 6 should be added for 
> users looking to have them. Packaging them in Fedora Extras might be a 
> good way.
> That's a cool idea, but is it then okay to have the release numbers in 
> the artwork? (Would be weird to have FC6-specific artwork in FC7, for 
> example?) Should we make it a policy to leave release numbers out? 
> (makes it impossible then to come up with release-version specific 
> artwork such as the c6re [2] logo.)

No need of releases number but putting a description about the original
artwork will suffice. I am for not including any release numbers in the
> * It appears Cairo engine is very stable. It will be be nice to for some 
> people to generate an enhanced Clearlook theme for Fedora Core 7.
> Developing a theme is pretty difficult & time-consuming but if we can 
> get some good mockups early on then it'd be easier to hit FC7.

Like Leo mentiooned, let use the existing theme to enhance it. It can be
a combination of Clearlook with other themes.

> * Since there is a lot KDE users, provide the artworks to smoothly blend 
> with Gnome applications.
> I'm not sure what you mean by smoothly blend with GNOME applications? Do 
> you mean the theming work for GNOME should also be done for KDE? Is 
> anybody on the list a KDE user or knowledgable about KDE such they could 
> advise us on this?

Right. I was thinking to gather desktop environments artists (including
Enlightement) so they can tune the theme for their favorite DE (KDE,
xfce, well all DE available in Extras repository).

> * Making Anaconda look very pleasant without compromising the performance.
> I'm not sure what you mean here - the colors available? The design of 
> the screens? Some things there isn't a whole lot there can be done about 
> because of technical limitations. If there are specific issues we want 
> to target let's create a list and I can discuss it with Jeremy Katz and 
> see how much is possible.

Let's get the list of technical limitation so we can work around it. 
One of example is the customization screen which I found plain, not
professional. We will need to polish them with tools like Glade 3 which
should be available in rawhide soon.

Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project Contributor

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