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Re: Thinking ahead: some FC7 ideas

seawolf wrote:

I think the early part of the development cycle could be bugfixing or
something of the sort, especially in the KDE case here, to get things

I see bugfixing as an ongoing activity, parallel to the new theme development.

started. I don't know how many FC users on this list are of the K
persuasion but it might help if after each name on the contributors
page would be their choice of desktop in brackets. This could, as Luya

Why limit it to listing the choice of desktop? Better each of us can list his areas of interest and put it in a centralized place (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/Contributors) not on personal pages.

suggested, form a mini group with users that can look at KDE issues
rather than concentrating on GNOME ones. I'm one of them, btw.

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