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GTK Theme for FC7 (was Re: Thinking ahead: some FC7 ideas)

Leo wrote:
On Mon, 16/10/06 17:51 +0100, Máirín Duffy wrote:
Developing a theme is pretty difficult & time-consuming but if we can
get some good mockups early on then it'd be easier to hit FC7.

I'd suggest "Murrine GTK2 Cairo Engine"¹. I have been using
MurrinaGilouche² which is based on this engine. Tweaking an existing
theme is much less time consuming and is deliverable.

Hey, I really like Murrine! What does everybody else think?:


It's odd to see the discussion of metacity and gtk2 themes off the
table for FC6.

Is it really that odd when the final release date is in two days (19 Oct) ?

And I think they are the most important elements
because for one thing they are what users see 99% of their time using
computer. As hibernation/suspension works quite well now, most of the
people may see their login screen once a month and grub splash screen
once half a year.

Gentle GNOME was brought up for discussion [1, 2] back in July but was met with mixed reviews so we didn't go for it. If anybody else had proposed something back then, we could have been considered it. So it's not that it was never on the table, it's that nobody spoke up with a strong preference. So speak up, everybody! :)


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