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Re: GTK Theme for FC7 (was Re: Thinking ahead: some FC7 ideas)

On Wed, 18/10/06 10:31 +0100, seawolf wrote:

> Ah, right. It's been a while since I've fiddled with GNOME and I
> misundestood: I thought the theme included both bits and we were
> considering both. My bad, sorry.

We will consider both, of course. But metacity-theme-2¹ has been in
gnome 2.17 and will be in the stable release as well. It will open a
new window for themes.

> Asides from the rounded corners to some bits (which, tbh, wouldn't
> really fit in with the rest, given square buttons etc) I think it's
> got a professional appearence, quite functional. I don't think the UI
> should be too pretty as it's such a critical and functional part of
> the desktop. Just the subtle curves on the button backgrounds s enough
> to make it pleasant. I'm also for the colouring on the tabs.

Thanks for the comments.

¹  http://marnanel.livejournal.com/919272.html

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