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Re: Web banner <fedora-art>

Good work, all two variations, but I thing that *Fedora* should be replaced with the official logotype too.
Anyway, you can try how it will look.


2006/10/19, Nicu Buculei < nicu_fedora nicubunu ro>:
Mola Pahnadayan wrote:

I like it, it look very cool. It made me to try a blue variation (attached).

I have two concerns with it as a *web* banner:
- image size is 740x100 instead of a standard size, 468x60 or 600x120;
- file size matters on the web, I optimized a little and reduced file
size from 36.8KB to 14.9KB (also attached).

As a general banner, would it not be better using the official logotype?

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