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Re: Webgallery for FedoraArtworks

Hi Jovan,

Jovan Spasojevic wrote:
i have created a Webgallery on fedora-club.de. There can put members of
fedora-club.de (German) artworks or whatever on it. but the Gallery has
a Section called FedoraArtworks.

So I wasn't able to find it (of course I don't speak German so that may be a factor. ;-) ) Can you give a direct link?

this section is for FedoraArtworks
(ideas) eg. However everybody who has Fedora Artwork ideas he can send
me a mail with the graphics than i would put them online in the gallery.
I would like to collect a lot of stuff and ideas for the FedoraArtwork

Well, is this for artwork is specific to fedora-club or even Fedora in Germany? That sounds be okay, but I think we'd all really like to be able to meet and work with other artists who want to contribute to Fedora here on the list and at fedoraproject.org. So if folks are interested in contributing to Fedora artwork you should refer them here!


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