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Re: Artwork for FC7

Hi Jovan,

Jovan Spasojevic wrote:

who can i find the a overwiev of current ideas for FC7 Artwork?
On the irc the people are not very communicative......And where can i
put my ideas for FC7 Artwork?

Here is the policy I suggested for proposing FC7 artwork:

Pasting below:

Anyone who wants to propose a design for the theme, come up with a name for it and send a proposal to the list using the following email subject format:

[FC7 theme proposal] (name of theme) Round 1

An example: "[FC7 theme proposal] Fedora DNA Round 1"

Attach/link to any sketches / mockups / etc you've come up with and a write-up of the concept (don't spend too much time on them, we'll focus on the concept first and then worry about the rendering.) You may also submit artwork folks other than yourself have made for consideration, if you get their permission and the artwork is openly-licensed (if you are not sure please check!)

Here's an important guideline for the theme concepts:
- No release numbers!

For each proposal let's have a critique here on the list. When a proposal receives 5 critiques the artist (or any other folks participating on the list) should send a modified version in a fresh thread ('[FC7 theme proposal] (name of theme) Round 2') Let's view this as more of a photoshop tennis exercise - the theme shouldn't be any one person's baby, it's a team effort. So remix away!

Here's the guidelines for critiques:

- Be very specific with your feedback. "I like it" is not acceptable. "I really like how it makes the use of the Fedora blue color, it's bright and conveys a positive feeling" is much better. - For the 1st round of critiques, try not to focus on the rendering. Focus the meat of the critique on the concept. You may also include rendering critiques, but be sure to be specific! Statements like "it's not polished" are too vague and won't help us polish it. - Each critique must include at least one sketch/mockup modification, or a link/reference to another piece of work to help you explain your critique. Visual feedback is important! - If you've submitted a proposal you should submit a critique to another, different proposal.

Our users view the distro as professional but the folks that work on it view it as cutting-edge, so keep these in mind when coming up with a theme and critiquing a theme.

I'm going to set a date of December 4 (that's a Monday) as the deadline for all proposals.


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