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FC7 Art Themes


I agree it is important to establish the theme early and December 4th
should provide adequate time to get us pointed in the right direction.

> Attach/link to any sketches / mockups / etc you've come up with and a
> write-up of the concept (don't spend too much time on them, we'll
> focus 
> on the concept first and then worry about the rendering.) You may also
> submit artwork folks other than yourself have made for consideration,
> if
> you get their permission and the artwork is openly-licensed (if you
> are 
> not sure please check!)

What I have used in the past as a white board is the wiki. Although not
required, a naming convention would ease searching.

As an example a convention of FC7ThemeProposal-<Proposal Name> would
allow one to search by FC7ThemeProposal. (Names should be in wiki

If the wiki is not to be our whiteboard for submitting ideas, then I
need direction on the desired method.

Cheers ...

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