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Re: Artwork for FC7 (was FC7 Art Themes)

John Baer wrote:
Attach/link to any sketches / mockups / etc you've come up with and a
write-up of the concept (don't spend too much time on them, we'll
focus on the concept first and then worry about the rendering.) You may also
submit artwork folks other than yourself have made for consideration,
you get their permission and the artwork is openly-licensed (if you
are not sure please check!)

What I have used in the past as a white board is the wiki. Although not
required, a naming convention would ease searching.

Please use the wiki. That ensures you've signed the CLA which means we can legally accept your artwork. You may include links to your wiki page in your email submission.

As an example a convention of FC7ThemeProposal-<Proposal Name> would
allow one to search by FC7ThemeProposal. (Names should be in wiki

That convention looks fine . Let's go with that.

If the wiki is not to be our whiteboard for submitting ideas, then I
need direction on the desired method.

It is, thank you for pointing that important detail out. :)

Let's not start yet another thread on this topic though, OK? It makes it really hard for people to follow what's going on.


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