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Screensaver lock dialog

I'm not much of an artist, but I'm not too shabby at simple thievery, so
I stole some of Máirín's work -- in particular the neat DNA background
-- to make a dialog to use with the GNOME screensaver:


I was afraid to do too much "ribbon-cutting" on the DNA strand because
of... well, lack of skill.  I removed a few of the floating f and ∞
"nucleotides" to avoid crowding the Cancel and Unlock buttons in the
dialog.  Hopefully the line isn't overkill.

The way I tested this was simple and hacky -- I have my "Fedora Bubbles"
screensaver selected as my desktop option, and I backed up the
original /usr/share/gnome-screensaver/themes/fedoralogo-floaters-lock-dialog-bg.png file and just copied a freshly-export PNG into its place.  The original PNG is 400x314 pixels, so that's how I set up the SVG and the PNG I exported.

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