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Help with FC6 Theme


This is exciting news but I have a few comments and questions being the
new guy on the block.

First, who ever produced the current theme did a really good job. IMO it
is one of the best available. I see a lot of thought and effort went
into creating and crafting it. However, a lot will be said when FC6 is
released on it's looks and I believe folks will desire something new or

> We can have a new theme in FC6, but we've got to get it in by next 
> Tuesday (September 5) which is the test 3 freeze. After it gets in of 
> course we can fix bugs and whatnot but it should really be the best
> it 
> can possibly be for test 3.

I am assuming the decision that really must be made by 09/05 is to
change themes or keep the current. I also assume that improvements will
be accepted to the selected theme until 10/02. If 09/05 is the final
date, is five days enough time to measurably improve the status quo?

If 10/02 is the final date, then I see two choices.

1. Improve the current theme.


2. Implement the DNA theme.

A choice to improving the current theme could be making it more glassy.
Mark Shuttleworth has stated on numerous occasions he wants Ubuntu to be
more polished. If you look behind the curtain I believe you will see the
word "polished" has been translated into "glassy".


I am not suggesting Fedora has to be like Ubuntu but the themeing
direction of other distro's shouldn't be ignored. The media will
evaluate a distro on how it performs and how it looks.

I believe the amount of effort of either decision would be about the

It looks like the task list is as follows.

> - GDM theme - we already have this but can stand to have some
> graphical 
> modifications. It needs to keep same layout though so we don't have
> to 
> modify the GDM theme markup too heavily.
> - GNOME/KDE splash

Gnome splash
KDE splash
XFCE splash {?}

> - GRUB splash

16 color, 640 x 480 {?}

> - syslinux splash ("Anaconda Prompt Screen" on the themeing overview)

Does syslinux splash = Anaconda Prompt Screen {?}

> - anaconda artwork

What is the complete list {?}

> - firstboot artwork

16 color, 640 x 480 {?}

> - RHGB splash

What is the current?

> - screensaver lock

Doesn't this come from GUI {?}

> - (optional) GTK theme

Clear looks {?} / compiz {?}

> - (optional) icon theme

Status quo {?}

What about the default wall paper/background?

To conclude, I am happy to assist in anyway possible.


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