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Re: Help with FC6 Theme

John Baer wrote:
I am assuming the decision that really must be made by 09/05 is to
change themes or keep the current. I also assume that improvements will
be accepted to the selected theme until 10/02. If 09/05 is the final
date, is five days enough time to measurably improve the status quo?
Decision and graphics for the theme change should be done by Sept 05 in order to be included. If there are some minor changes to the graphics, that could be replaced within the few weeks that follow. Enough time to create a measurable improvement? Not sure. I've been experimenting with the DNA theme and it seems inconclusive at this point. If you have any ideas/suggestions please post.
It looks like the task list is as follows.

I'd like to first point  you all to this page.
It may help clear up some questions. It has the pieces, specs, and technical details involved. Here's also a link to the pieces of graphics I created for FC5...perhaps you might find it to be useful/informative, http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc5graphics/

- GRUB splash

16 color, 640 x 480 {?}
the GRUB is 640x480 and 256 colors
- syslinux splash ("Anaconda Prompt Screen" on the themeing overview)

Does syslinux splash = Anaconda Prompt Screen {?}

yes...and this one is 640x300 16 colors. which should include one black, one white and one red...
- anaconda artwork

What is the complete list {?}

Aanaconda artwork includes
- prompt screen 640x300 16 colors...see note above ^
- anaconda header...in the Installation Wizard page and throughout the installation ... the header up top 800x89
- the splash 503x420
- firstboot artwork

16 color, 640 x 480 {?}

First boot is this screen http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemingOverview?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=FirstBoot.png
It needs the image on the left hand side...which is 160x600
- RHGB splash

What is the current?

The current is
graphic mode: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemingOverview?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=rhgb1.png text mode: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemingOverview?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=rhgb2.png
- screensaver lock

Doesn't this come from GUI {?}

This will not be needed in this release. There were some technical difficulties and so it will be a generic lock dialog.
- (optional) GTK theme

Clear looks {?} / compiz {?}

I believe it is Clearlooks and will not be changed for FC6.

- (optional) icon theme

Status quo {?}

What about the default wall paper/background?
Default wallpaper much match the rest of the graphics listed above. sizes that we would like to have...to address the various size monitors are:
2048 x 1536 Default
1280 x 1024 Default-5_4
1680 x 1050 Default-wide
2560 x 960 Default-dual-wide
2560 x 1240 Default-dual
To conclude, I am happy to assist in anyway possible.

Please do...if you have any ideas for modification of the DNA theme...please post.


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