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Re: Core 6 DNA POC


Interesting approach with the circles. It's subtle, has a polished look, and the circles forming the spirals even has a sense of motion. One thing I really liked about Mairin's DNA version is that it broke apart and the "f" and "8" flew off...Do you think your design could incorporate that or would it become too busy?

I really like the "tab" on which the fedora core sits. I'm wondering if that piece could be built upon to become the log-in field.
Great exploration.


John Baer wrote:

In more of a brain storming contribution than anything else I created a
wall paper attempting to capture the spirit of the suggested core 6 DNA

I placed it on my home wiki page to keep it out of the loop until
presented here.


If the team feels this is something to be furthered developed, then I
will send the svg.



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