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Re: requesting fedora artwork.. how long does it take?

ok thanks.

However according to the wiki that is the email address to request a
logo artwork from; this is from the wiki:
See here:


"Can I get this logo in other sizes or formats?

Scalable vector versions of the logo can be obtained by sending a request to:
logo fedoraproject org

The following versions are available:
Fedora Logo Full - The full text + "infinity" logo
Fedora Logo Infinity - The "infinity" logo, no text
Fedora Logotype - The logo text without the "infinity" logo  "

Basically I would like a vector version of the fedora logo from Fedora
core 5. So I can work at creating new desktop background....

Does that make sense...? Like the logo that the FC6 theme that was
sent out today used... I am looking for a vector version of this:


Where can I get a copy of the official logo so I can modify it?

If that email is not the correct location to get the official version
of the logo where do I get it? from this list?

On 9/5/06, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:
Hi spydrrrrr,

spydrrrrr gmail com wrote:
> *logo fedoraproject org <mailto:logo fedoraproject org>*

The Fedora art team doesn't actually receive emails sent to that
address. But that really isn't the appropriate email address to send art
requests to. That is the list to send a request for a copy of the Fedora

If you have an artwork request for the Art team send it to this list! :)


Fedora-art-list mailing list
Fedora-art-list redhat com

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