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Where do I get the Official graphics? the Wiki says one thing and the list says another???

Hi everyone...

I am new to this art work discussion group and new to trying to
contribute to the project...
I must say it is very frustrating to say the least and also very
confusing... I have contributed to  other projects before and I must
say that this one is the most difficult... it's been more than two
weeks since my initial attempt at contributing and to this day I have
still not been able to get to contribute in any way since I am not
able to get the "official vector graphics" and also the initial
journey to get to the point where I am approved in the arts-project
was extremely frustrating...

With that said I would like to offer to write and "Step-by-Step guide"
to enable someone that would like to contribute to this project could
do so without all the issues I have faced, and quite   frankly am
still facing since I still do not know where to get the official
graphics from...?

The Wiki says to send an email if I want scalable vector version of
the Fedora logo to logo fedoraproject org  Now other on this list have
replied and said that this is not the case...

How do I get the "official vector" Fedora Core logo that will or is
being used in FC6 or do I need to modify the FC5 logo...?

I am not trying to be difficult here... I really just want to start
contributing but still have not been afforded the chance to do so...

I will give the project another week or so and if I am not able to
contribute I will just give up...I would rather not give up.. but it
seems to me that this project is only open to a few people that seem
annoyed when I ask a question about something so basic as "where do I
get the official vector graphics from" Is that such a hard question?


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