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Re: Where do I get the Official graphics? the Wiki says one thing and the list says another???

Hi Phil,

To be fair, the subject of this thread is just not true. We are saying the same thing here that is written up on the wiki. Basically:

1) If you want vector versions of the Fedora LOGO, LOGOTYPE, or FULL LOGO you must email logo fedoraproject org This has not been contradicted on this list.

2) If you have a request for artwork, such as a splash banner or an icon for an application you are developing, the appropriate place to contact for the design and creation of the artwork is this list, fedora-art-list redhat com Phil, we never received your first email because it was sent to logo fedoraproject org As far as I know, no one on this list gets email sent to that address. We were only aware of your issue getting the logo artwork when you sent your email yesterday saying it had been a week or so and you'd gotten no response.

Your email was ambiguous to me at least, though, because I could not tell if you wanted actual artwork (e.g., 'I need an icon for my app' or 'I want a Fedora banner for my website.') or just the vector format copies of the Fedora logo, logotype, and/or full logo.

Now, over a week with no reply from logo fedoraproject org makes it very difficult to contribute artwork. I think anyone would agree with that. I will investigate to see who watches that mailing address and see what the hold up is, and if there is a standard amount of time you are expected to wait for a response then I can post that on the wiki. In the meantime, as has been mentioned earlier on this list, there is a copy of the Fedora infinity logo in every copy of FC5+ at /usr/share/pixmaps/fedora-logo-sprite.svg.


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